TFP Launches SoftFac JINJI for HR Productivity

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Kuala Lumpur, 14 May 2008 – Mesdaq-listed TFP Solutions Berhad today launched its latest suite of software, SoftFac Jinji, for Human Resource (HR) management and productivity solutions.

SoftFac Jinji is a highly scalable solution that caters to businesses that need an efficient system that can track and manage their employees’ productivity information across various HR levels and needs.

Fully developed by SoftFac Technology Sdn. Bhd. a wholly owned subsidiary of TFP Solutions Berhad, this total HR productivity solution consists of a full suite of modules that are grouped according to functionalities to handle different HR requirements. As a complete suite, Softfac Jinji addresses the full spectrum of HR management and productivity solution needs, from the basic time management, rostering and payroll right up to the complex tracking of extensive benefits provided to employees and monitoring HR Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Softfac Jinji gives the organization a full and complete view of its HR performance and productivity, via its modules that include HR Performance Management, Workflow Management, Employee Services Management, Time Management, Payroll Management and Leave Management.

The core modules within each of the SoftFac Jinji suite of products are the Human Resources System Manager (HRSM) and the Human Resources Personal Information Manager (HRPIM). Together, HRSM and HRPIM form the basic system within each product to control other modules.

Targeted at manufacturing and services industries in Malaysia and the ASEAN region, TFP is confident that SoftFac Jinji will be well received, based on feedback from its customers and prospects. TFP has secured an installation confirmation prior to this launching and is targeting to install beyond Malaysian shores for existing and new customers.

“Companies often say that their people are their biggest asset and HR is a mission-critical facet of the business. In today’s increasingly level global business arena, the proper management and monitoring of the productivity of their “biggest asset” can give rise to a HR-driven commercial edge. SoftFac Jinji is developed specifically with this in mind – to assist companies gain that edge via their “biggest asset”. This suite of new software helps companies improve their productivity by efficiently managing their HR and tracking the related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),” said Alex Lim, Managing Director of TFP Solutions Berhad.

“Softfac Jinji is designed to be extremely modular to enable companies to select any combination or all of the six products; and further opt to select the modules within each product to best suit their needs. And when their needs grow, the companies can add on the modules or products to meet their evolving HR requirements,” Lim added.

He continued, “We’ve developed a fundamentally sound product and our customers can be assured we’re providing them with the best and most updated technology available in the market. SoftFac Jinji is developed on the Microsoft .NET platform and Microsoft SQL Server hto help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) while driving efficiency through enterprise data management and business intelligence. In deploying Softfac Jinji, these benefits are automatically transferred to our customers.”

Commenting at the launch, Chin Jun Fwu, Product Marketing Manager, Application Platform, Microsoft Malaysia said,“Our products are also built on the premise that people drive success, and when they are enabled with the right tools, information and resources, businesses are enabled. In this respect, Sotftfac Jinji comes as a timely and relevant introduction, which in essence is the meeting of the maturing HR needs afforded by a comprehensive and integrated data platform as its foundation, Fundamentally, this will also allow Softfac Jinji to grow with its customers at various stages, as it built on a highly scalable platform.”

“We are pleased to see our partners moving ahead in the product solution curve and reaping the benefits of the Microsoft products available today. We will continue to support and enable them to add business value across their organization and solutions, whilst helping them pass on these added values to their customers,” said Chin.

TFP services the large enterprises and SME market within the ASEAN region. Its clients are involved mainly in manufacturing and services industry. TFP’s niche is in providing products and services aimed at improving business productivity.

Listed on the Mesdaq market of Bursa Malaysia on 22 February 2008, Softfac Jinji is the first product TFP launched post IPO.

TFP allocated RM3.3 million from its total IPO proceeds of RM11.52 million, for research and development. It targets more new products to be launched as a result of its intensified R&D activities following the additional injected funds.

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TFP Launches SoftFac JINJI for HR Productivity

Kuala Lumpur, 14 May 2008 – Mesdaq-listed TFP Solutions Berhad today launched its latest suite of software, SoftFac Jinji, for Human Resource (HR) management and productivity solutions.