JINJI Human Capital Management (HCM)

JINJI derives from a Japanese word which translated to Human Relation that puts people as our priority. JINJI, a fully web-based solution that ​empowers employees to work independently on any devices at their convenience.

JINJI Human Capital Management System is a fully web-based comprehensive HR solution that designed to connect and manage all employees in an organisation.


how JINJI works

All day HR assistant.

Real time at work

JINJI offers quick access to your personal profile, payslip, apply leave, lateness, overtime, claim and more at your convenience. All entitlements, history, usage pattern and balance-to-date available to view  in one glance. As managers, you are empowered to view, plan, approve or reject your team application on-the-go. It makes planning for talent allocation, promotion, training and development become so easy.

​Ease of use.

Instantly familiar

Experience the same user interface on any devices, anytime, anywhere when you access to JINJI. All apps and data are automatically synced at all times. It makes everything you do, easier, faster and effortlessly. 


Keep matters updated

JINJI helps to keep track and get updates on every event status via email alert. It even works as a reminder on employees’ working permit / visa / passport renewal due date,  new staff confirmation, retirement and more.
​Users can self-defined when the reminder is to be sent.

Endless data possibilities.

Always stay ahead

JINJI offers the flexibility to work on data the way you want it to be with the approach that you are familiar with.
​Filter the data to your requirements, extract and export it from JINJI to the format that you prefers.
For instance, Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF. 

The ultimate tool for every HR.

JINJI Essential Apps

JINJI Apps are powerful enough to take on your daily task professionally and deliver unlimited possibilities as you need. Its comprises of six essential apps, namely JINJI Information System, JINJI System Admin, JINJI Approval (workflow management), JINJI Leave, JINJI Payroll and JINJI Rostering (TMS) to get you started. You can now integrate these apps with your legacy system to streamline the entire workflow and speed up productivity. JINJI even has a built-in Employee Self-Service (ESS) & Manager Self-Service (MSS) functions as the standard applications to be enjoyed by everyone in the company. 

JINJI Information System

JINJI System Admin

JINJI Rostering (TMS)

Power house for demanding tasks.

​JINJI Apps Store

Choose from a series of powerful apps to enhance your current system as and when you need.
Once installed, all users will be benefited instantly on all devices. ​


Does your current plan keeps up with the entire company’s need? Find a plan that does.


JINJI PRO is an on-promise HCM to cater for high demanding large enterprise group with branches nationwide. JINJI PRO is able to individualize its functions to detail as per users’ request in monitoring, reporting, evaluation and more. Hereby, the need to invest in server, software licenses, yearly software and hardware maintenance as well as hire of IT personnel.


JINJI OD delivers HCM via CLOUD to organisations globally around the clock. It’s accessible via any devices such as smart phone, tablet, laptop and PC through an internet browser. Its allow organizations to enjoy the system with an affordable monthly subscription fee based on the number of users. This helps to minimize capital investment without compromising its performance.


Put your mind at ease with our affordable, comprehensive payroll services. Our experienced team of consultants will be doing the administrative work, you just need to verify and process the payment for staff payroll. Do what you do best in your business and let us handle the administrative work.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

By using JINJI Rostering, HR personnel are able to define a grace period for lateness and leave earlier scenarios. You may also predefine the penalty for not complete clock-in record and such.

Yes, this can be achieved by using JINJI Rostering and JINJI Payroll.

Yes, all JINJI apps can be integrated to your existing system.  

Go paperless with JINJI Payroll ESS (Employee Self-service) module. Employees are able to view, print, download and save their payslip as and when needed.

By using JINJI Leave, employees can check their real-time leave entitlement and history. The system will automatically calculate and update the real-time information.  Employees can apply leaves through the system and be notified via email if the application is approved/ rejected by their superior.

We will keep your JINJI system updated without any additional charges.

With JINJI System Admin, HR personnel can define an email alert schedule (for instance one week in advance) as a reminder before the working permit / passport expiry.

Up-to-95% of data in JINJI system can be exported to Microsoft Work, Excel, PDF format to deliver unlimited report requirements.

JINJI Information System keeps a record of all the important documents confidentially, unless it is meant to be shared among all employees (e.g. handbook).

Our standard response time is within four hours, from Mon to Fri (except public / state holiday) between 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Your calls will be directly connected to our JINJI System helpdesk.